Heaven is for real


A painting named prince of peace   is apparently the real picture or painting of Jesus by Akiane Kramarik who is a self taught painter and states that God spoke to her personally and encouraged her to paint her visions. Akiane was born in a family where both her  parents were atheist but later converted to Christians because of their daughters paintings. Akiane was born on the 9th of July 1994 and  all her paintings reflect spirituality and are also often allegorical. The first time i saw her painting was from the movie Heaven is for real  and i can say am still perplexed by the talent this girl has and from her story and her paintings i can say God is at work and let us be inspired by her story and also excise our gifts for it gives God all the glory when we do so.




Enjoyed drawing this and it is one of my best art piece and well my boyfriend as well. You know when you do something from the heart you will stop at nothing just to make sure its  almost if not perfect well this was one of those things although the reaction I got from him was kind of unexpected I just hope he loved it and didn’t think am obsessed. I used charcoal pencil for the hair and you can also check out how to use it on how to use charcoal pencil.

Emotional art


So I stayed up at night working on this ,and just came to realize that each and every single one of us have the face of deceit displayed to people making them believe our false emotions through our facial expression. The face is fading whilst its structure remains convincing to be okay  as it is in our human nature to have a defense mechanism which is defined by the level of trust we have within our surroundings and we end up Screaming  so loud within ourselves and end placing a “do not disturb sign”  on our personalities and a ” back off message to the world:”. We feel as though we don’t measure up to the world standards or even our own and instead of  dealing with the demon that’s haunting us internally we  give people the impression that its okay and we pray to God like its okay and also end up creating characters that seem perfect  and we loose sight of who we really and we end up not fully being convicted by the  Lord and end up not becoming what God longs us to be instead we become what the world tells us  to be.